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Top 3 EV charger supplier for European standard EV charger and Americian standard EV charger

February 16,2023

Top 3 EV Charger Manufacturers

With the development of electric vehicles, customers and fleet managers are looking for charging stations. As a result, several new businesses are entering the EV charging industry.

Schneider Electric, a significant player, offers a variety of chargers for home and public use. It also offers energy management solutions.

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EV charging stations are quickly becoming an everyday necessity. They can be found at gas stations, parking lots, and other public locations, and they offer free charging for electric vehicles.

While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, some prefer to charge them at public charging stations. These stations are located in various locations and vary in speed and type, but they are still necessary for most people's daily transit needs.

The market for EV Charger is expected to expand quickly in the future years as people continue to prefer environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient alternatives to traditional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. However, the potential expansion of the EV charging market is dependent on a variety of factors. Customers, for example, are inclined to prioritize trusted EV-charging brands. Similarly, they may elect to charge based on energy sources such as renewable solar, wind, or geothermal.

2. BENY Electric

EO is a market leader in the production of smart chargers meant to connect to Portable Solar Panel. They come in single-phase and three-phase configurations and can be set up using the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) communication protocol for remote control via external software.

This company also develops electric vehicle charging and energy management technologies. These allow homeowners and renters to track their energy consumption and save money on their utility bills.

BENY Electric has a diverse product and service portfolio that spans the whole e-mobility ecosystem, including EV home chargers and microgrid dynamic load balancing solutions. They collaborate with multinational listed corporations, Fortune Global 500 companies, and producers of new energy vehicles to create creative and sustainable e-mobility infrastructure.

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3. Siemens

Siemens, a German engineering firm, is a well-known Electric Vehicle Charger supplier, providing high-quality solutions for both residential and commercial EV charging. It provides a variety of products, including a high-performance smart EV charger.

Siemens, in addition to being a key participant in EV charging infrastructure, creates innovative software that enhances the operation of an electric vehicle charging station. This helps to minimize costs and enhance overall charging station performance.

Siemens provides technology that transforms the everyday as a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of infrastructure for industry, transportation, and healthcare. Siemens enables its customers to construct more agile and productive industries, robust supply chains, smarter buildings and power systems, and greener transportation by integrating the physical and digital worlds.

4. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is well-known for producing high-quality electric car chargers and other electrical equipment. They offer a wide range of EV charging station models, from domestic level 2 chargers to 250 kW premium DC Fast Chargers.

The company also manufactures smart electrical panels, inverters, and batteries, which can help homeowners save money on energy and qualify for tax breaks. These items are part of their domestic energy management platform, which assists homeowners in lowering their monthly utility bills by balancing the use of various electrical sources.

According to a McKinsey report, the EU-27 will require approximately 3.4 million functioning public charging points by 2030. This expansion could cost more than EUR240 billion.

5. ABB

To satisfy rising EV demand, ABB E-mobility has invested in a new charging station production facility in Columbia, South Carolina. The multi-million dollar investment will boost the company's manufacture of electric vehicle chargers, including those that comply with the Buy America Act, and create 100+ jobs.

ABB, one of the world's leading EV charging infrastructure providers, provides AC wallboxes, DC fast chargers, and unique on-demand electric bus charging systems to enable a smarter mobility future for everyone, everywhere.

ABB chargers are developed with EV users' daily needs in mind, allowing them to charge their vehicle anytime they need to. They offer a variety of features that enhance their experience and make connecting to the charging network easy. These features include a plug-and-charge capability, interactive lighting, and a cloud connection for remote service and software updates.

6. EVBox

EVBox offers a full suite of hardware and software for electric fleets as a full-service partner. It builds charging systems that maximize vehicle uptime and service life while taking into account driving cycles, energy prices, and grid limits.

Home chargers, public EV charging stations, and Level 2 business chargers are available from EVBox. It offers charging stations, charging point and load management software, as well as installation and maintenance services.

EVgo is another leading EV charger provider that maintains the largest public DC fast charging network in the United States, which is totally powered by renewable energy. In 68 metropolitan regions and 35 states, it offers over 1500 public fast chargers and over 1,200 Level 2 charges. EVgo also recently released its new EVgo Charger App, which furthers the company's goal of making charging simple. It is intended to improve the overall customer experience and make charging more appealing to drivers through a highly tailored user experience.

7. BorgWarner

In order to meet regulatory requirements, the United States would require roughly 1 million public chargers if half of all vehicles sold are zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2030.

BorgWarner is a global leader in the development of EV charging solutions. It recently purchased V2G and UL-certified charging technology from San Diego-based Rhombus Energy Solutions.

The acquisition will help BorgWarner expand its EV charging business and strengthen its portfolio of OEM battery-electric propulsion technology.

BorgWarner completed a series of major purchases in 2022 to support its Charging Forward strategy. It will now refocus its Fuel Systems and Aftermarket goods activities in order to address the increasing demand for EV charging and related services.

8. Shell Recharge

Shell, a Dutch-British oil business and one of the world's major energy firms, has made significant investments in EV charging infrastructure. GreenLots, its new e-mobility firm, purchased EV charger specialist NewMotion in 2017 and is adding over 30,000 stations to its network across Europe.

It also intends to build a public rapid charging network in towns and cities across the United Kingdom by 2030, when electric vehicles will be used by the vast majority of drivers.

Charging is as simple as touching on the app or RFID card to access the charge port at a Shell Recharge station. Payment is paid from a credit or debit card linked to your account after a charging session.

9. SemaConnect

SemaConnect is a significant supplier of EV charging stations in the United States. EV chargers have been installed in hundreds of Class A sites across the country, including apartment complexes, shopping malls, office buildings, and parking lots.

The company collaborates with clients to create and implement a property-wide EV charging plan, as well as oversee program planning, site selection, procurement, construction, landlord permissions, installation, and activation of EV charging stations.

In addition to EV charging, SemaConnect provides a variety of other property management services, such as metering, energy usage, fleet e-mail, and a website. It also offers software solutions for EV fleet management, EV demand response, and charging network management.

10. EV-TOP

EV-TOP is a world-leading electric car charging company with clients all over the world who rely on them for constant quality manufacturing and delivery. They were founded in China's Silicon Valley and are known for their low rates and quick turnaround times.

In addition to high-quality EV chargers, they provide a variety of EV software tools that help increase operational efficiency and customer experience. Furthermore, their service and asset management solutions contribute to increased EV charging station uptime.

As electric vehicles become more common, a lack of public charging infrastructure can be a significant impediment to adoption. Public charging stations enable longer journeys, alleviate range anxiety, and promote EV ownership.